Grimspound 12th Sept 2017

The prime destination for our 12 September outing took us to Grimspound on Dartmoor.  But first, 12 of us met up in Princetown and looked around the Visitor Information Centre which is currently featuring some excellent photos of Dartmoor scenery.

Lunch followed at The Plume of Feathers, then a short car ride to the Grimspound site.

Celia  explained that Grimspound is one of the best known prehistoric settlements on Dartmoor, probably dating from the Late Bronze Age (about 1450-700 BC).  It is lies in a fold in the hills about 450 metres (1500ft) above sea level.  The remains of 24 houses can be identified, enclosed within a great stone boundary wall about 150 metres in diameter.  Traces of further houses (also known as hut circles)  lie outside the boundary wall.

Apparently, we do not know precisely how long Grimspound was in use, but by about 12oo BC the settlement pattern was changing.  The thin moorland soils appear to have deteriorated very quickly, and it seems that there was a change in the climate.  Heavy rainfall reduced the fertility of the Dartmoor soil so that it could not sustain the same level of occupation.

Many thanks, Celia, for organising this very interesting visit.