We have two Creative Writing groups

Creative writing 1

Meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 2.00pm in a member’s home in Bude.
What do we do? We write short stories and sometimes do little exercises that help with inspiration, plots and layouts. And, we chat a lot! The stories, written at home, vary in length, usually from 500 to 1000 words. They are fairly short because we each read them to the group and receive short written comments from them. The criteria for comments are set as questions to help, e.g. does it answer the brief, did I enjoy it, was there dialogue, a plot etc.? If you have a yen to write, even if it is only an autobiography that no-one is going to see, joining a writing group gives you the courage to start and to realise that you can do it and so get great enjoyment and satisfaction. We’d welcome you.

Creative writing 2

This new group, which has been getting up to speed over the Summer, has now settled down to meet regularly and feel that we can take on two new members. The nucleus of the new group came from Lucille Opie’s Creative Writing group with whom we retain a close working relationship.

Our key group objective is to improve our skills across the gamut of creative writing. At the moment we are concentrating on short story fiction but will move to script writing for radio after Christmas and will also tackle poetry next year. We are following a programme with its roots in The Open University Creative Writing modules which encourage peer review, consequently all members should have e-mail access.

We have established our meeting on the third Wednesday of each month at 2.30 pm. The meetings are rotated at the home of members . If you would like to join please contact our Co-ordinator.