Bude & District u3a has started to emerge from Lockdown!

Successful and well-attended Coffee Mornings have been held outdoors at The Brendon Arms and The Weir in the last couple of weeks. Established members, most of whom hadn’t seen each other for well over a year, had a lot of catching-up to do. They also met some new enquirers and introduced them to the aims of u3a – ‘Learn, Laugh and Live’ – and gave them an idea of the fun and friendships that can result.

Throughout the extraordinarily difficult months since March 2020 the u3a Committee has been greatly encouraged by the loyal support of ordinary members with whom they have kept in touch via emails, letters, phone calls and the Newsletter. In spite of there having been little to report in the way of actual activities, this last item has continued to be bright, attractive and interesting, a real credit to both the contributors and the Editor, Anna Crew.

Some Interest Groups have managed to keep going in a limited way throughout the Pandemic, thanks to Zoom. Among these have been Sideways History, Photography, Books, News & Views and History of Art. To their great delight the Strollers and the Walkers were able to resume in groups of six from early April, but the majority of Groups have been, and still are, suspended.

Some are making plans, among them All About Birds, whose members are hoping to go on a field trip later this month. Others have tentative bookings pencilled into their diaries, but everything depends on the Prime Minister’s decision on the final stage of his Roadmap. Once the Official Timetable is announced it is hoped that the way forward will be clearer and dates for the resumption of all u3a activities can be fixed.

Meanwhile more information about Bude u3a can be found on this website.

Jo Arnold
Bude u3a Chair