Cornwall Library Music

Did you know that Cornwall Council offers an on-line library for Music as well as books? I didn’t until u3a committee member Mary Dobson emailed me about a new service call Medici (more information below) Thank you Mary!

And whilst I was investigating that, I discovered that Cornwall Library also provides access to the Naxos Music Library (more information below). I have known about Naxos, a music label, for many years and have purchased quite a few of their CDs, so I was excited to see their library available through Cornwall Council. Also, you can read some books online and even download them to your mobile devices!

Medici is a very large online library of classical music, opera and dance videos, including concerts, operas, ballets, documentaries and masterclasses.

There is some information from Cornwall Council below, or you can go straight to the Cornwall Library page for the full information.

Note that you need to be a Cornwall library member to use any of these services. You can join on-line or you can go to the Bude Library and One-Stop-Shop which is at the Wharf, by Bude Canal.

I imagine that many, or even most, u3a members are library members, so all this may be old news for you, but I hope that it opens a new world for some members.

When I tried to use Medici, I was not allowed access! So I went to the Cornwall Council Library page and tried to log in there, to double-check my library subscription. Sure enough, my library membership expired last November! So I went along to Bude Library and renewed it quickly and easily.

Being responsible for managing the u3a website, I spend a lot of my time on-line and I get nearly all my books online, mainly for my Kindle. Hence I have not used my library card for quite a while. In fact, the last time I tried to use it was as a bus-pass in Exeter. The conductor was not impressed!

So here, then are the detail of these services from Cornwall Library….

Naxos Music Library

Naxos Music Library is an invaluable resource for music professionals and collectors with a wide-ranging repertoire including opera, classical, jazz, blues, world and Chinese.

To access this service you will need to be a library member

To begin:

  • Open the Naxos Music Library
  • On the left hand side of the page is a box marked ‘enter passcode’, enter your library card number here.
  • Use the top tabs to navigate and choose your music.

Our subscription only allows five concurrent users of the Music Library.

New! Free online platform for Classical music, Opera and Dance videos

The largest online catalogue of classical music, opera and dance videos:

  • 3,500 musical works filmed from the 1940’s through to the present day
  • 2,700 films including concerts, operas, ballets, documentaries and master classes
  • Over 150 live events streamed every year from the world’s most prestigious venues
  • The ideal tool for discovering classical music with a powerful search engine and customized recommendation.
  • A resource available anytime, anywhere with unlimited multi-user access, remote access and available on all digital devices.

Find out more about Medici

You will need your library card number to use this service.

David Hyndman
March 2021