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History – a sideways look

New group…new group…new group…new group….

History – a sideways look

The idea behind this new group is to take a slice of history each meeting and examine the many facets of life at that time, so as to go beyond a recital of dates and events and bring the history of the time to life. The group will select a decade, a year, or a century perhaps and then each member can choose a different topic to research and present at the next meeting.

‘Sideways’ topics might include fashion, art, architecture, food, literature, music, science, social and cultural change and even politics!  Overall, it’s a subject with a multitude of possibilities including the potential for local, national and international dimensions.  History is essentially made up of the stories behind the actions of people, great and small, rich and poor and can be endlessly fascinating and fun.  Join us to help discover the real story behind the events which shaped our lives.

For information and to share your views on this new group, call Anna Crew on: 01288 682395.