Little Webbery, Bideford

Gardening Group  – Wed 6th June 2018

Little Webbery garden, Webbery, Bideford

On this pleasant sunny day, 22 of us met at the Café du Parc, Burton Gallery, Bideford to enjoy our delicious ‘French’ pre-ordered lunches and catch up with friends.  We even found time to have a quick look round the gallery showing lovely ceramic items.

After lunch we drove in our shared cars about four miles to Little Webbery garden, Webbery, Bideford where we were greeted by owner Mr. J. Yewdall who gave us a brief talk about the garden then walked around with us.

This very attractive three-acre mature garden has many interesting features and beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees.

We had a lovely walk into the walled garden with Roses, various shrubs and a vegetable garden.  Also a cottage garden with many flowers.

A huge lake surrounded by trees and an attractive pond. Walking back to the house takes one through an area of majestic mature trees.

We were invited into the conservatory where we were treated to delicious homemade cakes and drinks. As the weather was kind we sat outside enjoying the company and the view.

Marion Hall.