OMM February 2019

Did Julius Caesar Cross my Lawn ?

Gwynn Paulett

Bude & District U3A

One of the newest interest groups to be established at Bude & District U3A is Dowsing, so those members were especially prominent in a big audience that gathered in the Parkhouse Centre for the Open Monthly Meeting in February.  The visiting Speaker was Gwynn Paulett, Chairman of Devon Dowsers, and his talk was intriguingly entitled, “Did Julius Caesar Cross My Lawn?”

The art of Dowsing is a very ancient skill, and although most frequently associated with locating water, can be used for other things.  Gwynn began by showing a variety of dowsing tools and explaining how they could react, then recounted a series of episodes to illustrate the wide range of his experiences.  One of these concerned the task of locating a water source for a dry farm in Dakota.  Finding the spot was relatively straightforward, but he had also been able to determine the quality and rate of flow of the water as well as the dimensions of the borehole needed before anyone did any digging.

He explained how the real skill in achieving complex answers lies in learning how to ask the right, precise questions of the tools.  Establishing “yes” and “no” responses at the beginning enables the Dowser gradually to ascertain more details as a session progresses.

It seems that Prince Charles isn’t the only person who talks to plants.  Gwynn told how, by using his tools to ask the plants to indicate the right spots, he had helped his daughter to select the most favourable places in her garden for each to thrive.  Dowsing can also be used to get responses from houseplants to indicate when they need feeding or watering.

Moving on, Gwynn explained about dowsing for information, like locations of old graves or historical events.  It is all about being sensitive to various energies or auras and approaching every situation with an open mind.

After a fascinating hour Gwynn was thanked by the Speaker Secretary, Denni Clarke, and members of the audience were able to examine the tools more closely and ask Gwynn their own questions.

In between monthly Open Meetings, Bude U3A’s 37 groups meet to pursue a wide range of activities.  Information about all these can be found on the website or by contacting the Membership Secretary on 01409 253749.

Report By Jo Arnold