Planning meeting for 2019

On this wet and windy afternoon, 17 of us met here at my home (Agan Chy) to plan for next year’s Gardening Group’s programme.
Part of the program was already arranged:
January: shared lunch, seed & plant swap at a member’s house.
February: speaker at the Blue Room, Crackington Institute.
November: the next year’s program planning.
December: ‘Gardener’s Question Time’ at a member’s house.
So, remaining months, March to October, are when we meet up for pre-ordered lunches then on to gardens, all suggested by very helpful members.
A very enjoyable meeting ending with refreshments and good chats! Sadly, as the weather so wet and windy, we couldn’t enjoy exploring the garden as we have in most years.
I have contacted the gardens and they will be pleased to have us visit them.
Lots to look forward to!

Marion Hall.