We are a small, friendly and patient group, full of enthusiasm but until recently short of a space to play. However we have continued to enjoy steady success in attracting new members, and happily, we have now secured the use of a suitable large room in the Falcon Hotel for our meetings.

Typically our members came to the u3a having played bridge years ago, and want to keep the grey cells active in retirement by taking it up again. The important element, therefore, is our non-competitive and friendly environment where bidding and play can be discussed constructively.

We particularly welcome those who enjoy a stress-free, good-tempered
game of chatty rubber-bridge without the pressure and high emotion of some club duplicate play! 

Aside from the weekly meetings, groups of four can and do meet in each other’s homes and online on a casual basis, sharing phone numbers and arranging games ad hoc.

Any members of the u3a wishing to play social bridge should contact Lindsey Sandilands or Elizabeth Shaw, who can introduce them to the group and see they are included in the next game. 

We aren’t able to offer lessons to complete beginners, but you are welcome to come along and watch for a session and see if you think bridge might be for you.  Just the one visit should do it..!